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Monthly Archives: March 2007

Why do we give so much importance to the marks?

Does the person change when he fails? Why do people start thinking differently when a person does not perform to their level of expectations?

This is the incident of few days back!

They were talking about a person. Everyone was positive about the person!

The examination results came out after few days!The person didn’t perform well!

Everyone started thinking of the person as a fool or an useless fellow!

Why the sudden change?

Do marks change the person he/she previously was?


But Why?

Why am I writing this? Why am I asking such questions when I know this is what the world, the life is all about? Still I think here is the place I can ask the questions without being asked why I am asking such questions!

The answers lies everywhere but I think no one really cares about it, no one!

Not even I!

Then sometimes the heart tells that all this is really wrong and the feeling, the rage makes me uncomfortable! (Thats why I like the Linkin Park songs – they really help you to take the energy, the hatred out of you and take you to the level of normalcy!)

This isĀ  beginning of a series……..

you may not enjoy it but may this help you to ease you out if you feel the way I feel!