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Monthly Archives: May 2007

Related to my previous post : Substitute?

Ooops, I forgot about my Jr. College!

Well, it was bound to happen – I have hardly attended my Jr. College!

What you would to when your maths professor asks you on the very first lecture of 12th – “You still seating in the class room?” .

BUNK!!!!!!!!!! 😀

But, I used to seat for the Computer Science Lectures… reason?



The Italian Grand Pix

Just a day before, I got this pic from one of my friend, Varsha. She is a BIG fan of Michael Schumacher and me too!

Well this post is not about F1. Its about life!

It has been said again and again that Kimi is seen as a substitute to the Seven times champion (read it – God, F1). But…

But can anybody be substituted?

The friends I have made in school, in mom, dad, sis?…

No! no one! There will always be the special moments, special things you have shared with them! Those moment, pal …………..

I’ll find new friends at my work place – No, I have to find – But….

All you people! at NES, at SPCE!