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Monthly Archives: July 2007

The day started with I missing the bus bcuz i woke up late (Gosh……how will I manage to wake so early everyday?…)!
I couldn’t believe I’ll be late on the very First day! But thank god…. it was exact 8.30am when i reached gate 5…so I was on time…but was it really necessary?

all the GET (Graduate Engg Trainees) were gathered in the auditorium…. everyone filled with the excitement!

We were asked to fill a form except 3 we have already filled!
We did it happily not knowing whats ahead…..

Then came the First Tea Break!

We had some snacks n tea…n again occupied our seats…..
The document verification started at around 9.30am and went till 12 noon….
What we were supposed to do during the time? – seat on ur place.. and do TP!
Everyone was hungry by the time verification ended!

So we had Lunch Break!
The lunch was gud (all those who had been eating in mess will agree wid me 🙂 )

Hoping the process will finish by 3 o clock.. we again occupied our seats…
this time the excitement was all gone..and the atmosphere was as gud as college auditorium.. just before any function.Everyone was chitchatting and cracking jokes as we do in college…with no limits literally! 😉

Then came a big blow that faded all our hopes… we were asked to fill 3 more forms and an Icard…

I was literally bored of writing my name and address again and again….
Why does a firm require the same info so many times?????

All done…forms submitted and we were told to wait till we get our I cards back…

This was the Second Official Tea Break!
we waited…
we waited…
we waited…
we waited!

So bored of waiting, we ourself declared our Third but Unofficial Tea break!
I got the feeling that i have beaten my own time record… of sitting in an auditorium…. I dont think I have spent so much time in coll auditorium…even after summing up all 4 yrs!…
We have been there for almost 8 hours!

Finally the day ended with a relief – we got all those docs done! 🙂
and A geat news…that…
We have a Holiday tomorrow! 🙂

So this was our first day at L&T : A Lunch & Tea Day! 😉
I will say… L&T has kept its promise….. 😉

(P.S. This was our first test – A test of patience….;)… but i nJoyed it a lot! 🙂