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To: MyBoss,

Thanx! I got a Workstation on my Desk……

Yours faithfully,



Well, you will say that what’s new if I have a Workstation on My Desk?…Most of the IT guys have it!

Beware…. don’t tell me that i have not told you this…..

The WORKstation!!!

(Thanx to for the clip art and my brain for the amazing idea 😉 )

So……. 😉



  1. Congrats mate! Now how about installing some games on the PC?

  2. You have been TAGGED!

  3. @ arshat:
    dude i was hoping for the same… 😉

    but kya kare.. Company Policies do not allow this!

  4. Very true Sam….company policies matter a lot…. thats y i was surprised when I recently found out that our servers hold more than 150 gb of songs, and about 60 gb of videos and droolmaal….. gr8 isnt it??
    with an 8 mbps dedicated line, i wonder what we can do… and with systems as outdated as LCD monitors and 2 gb ram, i dont think many softwares wud be compatible…….

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