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Well, I read the first book from Chetan Bhagat n liked so much that I was eager to catch hold of the second one – One night at Call center (or centre, whatever).

The books opens with the same style with author stepping into shoes of one of the character (I don’t remember the name now, lets call him hero) in the story. The story revolves around the incidents in hero’s life – specially his love-life.

With that start, I assumed the story will be interesting one. But in this book, Mr. Bagat has failed to create the speed, the thrill he did in his first book….He disspointed me a bit..

So what do I learnt from the book?…


Don’t try forcefully to shape urself into what u dont want to be!


Wow! What a book…………..I just finished the book “Five Point Someone” by Chetan Bhagwat.
It really is a good book to read, specially those who are still enjoying their college days.

At the end, I felt something….and thats why the blog…
As most of my class-mates will tell you how good I’m..(Well-mannered and all that) but its really the most boring role in the world. I felt the same urge that Hari or Alok felt when they started the ‘exciting’ four years of their life at IIT. All those Bad things are always there inside… starting from bunking the lectures to ……………..
I think, all boys think the same way, But..
The difference is always there….Even tho’ the natural urge is same, there are those barricades of “Moral” that some one learns in his/her childhood that keeps those Bad thoughts aways….

The second point it made is-THE MANTRA FOR LIFE….
FRIENDS are the most crucial characters in this canvas of life. The last two years of Engg has taught me the importance of friends…..

Well, this is my first blog and I have already started lecturing…….But then there are some things you cannot keep in your mind..Its always better to let them flow…….

So, Thats it…….until then KEEP SMILING!!!!!!1

(BTW…plz bear my poor English……………….)